Netball Australia remains steadfast in its purpose

Campaigning for gender equality

Netball Australia is the governing body of netball in Australia which, in partnership with  member organisations, it oversees the management and promotion of netball across the country; from the Australian Diamonds and the Suncorp Super Netball League, down to grassroots participation through netball clubs and associations.

"Netball Australia is honoured to become a Friend of International Women’s Day in campaigning for gender equality across the sport industry and the wider community. The 2019 International Women’s Day theme of Balance for Better is one that resonates strongly with Netball Australia as we remain steadfast in our purpose of empowering girls and women to shine while enriching and connecting communities," says Marne Fechner, CEO, Netball Australia.

Delivering real change

For more than 90 years, Netball Australia has led the way for girls and women on and off the netball court, celebrating their successes, advocating for gender equality, and delivering real change, including our landmark pay deal, a pregnancy and childcare support framework and 12-month part-time athlete contracts.

A call out to sporting teams and leagues worldwide

Netball Australia

Netball Australia is putting the call out to sporting teams and leagues around the world to join us in helping forge a balance for better.

Positive benefits of sport

Encourage the women and girls in your life to play sport – it builds confidence, breaks stereotypes and reinforces great life skills.

A level playing field

"Sport is an enormous enabler and pathway to gender equality, so it’s important that all sports around the world are working to ensure we're all on a level playing field. The sooner we see women gain equal exposure, recognition and investment, the better," says Marne Fechner.

Netball Australia

Forging a positive impact

Netball presents a unique environment that can impact on the social, political, economic, education and health status of women and girls. 

Netball Australia’s work internationally is focused on building a strong and well governed international sport that can contribute to positive outcomes in these areas.

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