EY supports International Women's Day

EY supports International Women's Day

Accelerating achievement of gender parity - within EY and in business at large - is not just a fairness argument but an economic imperative. It's key to building a better world. Now is the time to take action and put gender on the global agenda. EY is determined to do their part to accelerate women's progress in the workplace. They've worked hard for many years to create effective internal and external programs focused on women’s advancement and leadership around the world - and they know there's more to do.

Now, they've brought all their efforts together to create one unifying accelerator. Through Women. Fast forward they're using their collective knowledge, experiences and convening power to push themselves further and to do their part to accelerate global gender parity. The experiences and knowledge EY has gained in their own journey combined with their research, highlight opportunities for accelerating women in the workforce.

Illuminating the path to leadership

EY knows how important it is for all of their people to have colleagues and leaders who advocate for them as they pursue opportunities in EY. They're emphasizing the importance of "equitable sponsorship" for both women and men, maximizing access to training, feedback, coaching, stretch opportunities and work experiences that women, and men, need to help them advance their career success.

Creating a culture that enables flexibility for all

Flexibility is critically important to EY's people, and making everyday flexibility a way of life helps them attract, retain and develop the best and brightest men and women.

Building a supportive and inclusive environment, where all differences are valued and leveraged

At the foundation of their efforts to support women is the belief that all differences matter. EY's diversity and inclusiveness road map challenges them, as individuals and as an organization, to create opportunities to build better teams and lead inclusively.

Collective knowledge and thoughts on gender parity

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Mark Weinberger, Global CEO and Chairman, EY

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Alison Kay, Global Vice Chair of Industry, EY

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Kath Carter, Global Accounts and Business Development Leader, Transactions Advisory Services, EY

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Andy Baldwin, Area Managing Partner EMEIA, EY

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Demet Ozdemir, Partner and EMEIA Strategic Growth Markets Leader, EY

Does your orchestra have the best musicians?
Matt Rennie, EY Global Partner, Sectors Leader, Utilities Adviser, EY

Live boldly if you want to change the world
Beatriz Sanz Saiz,, Global Analytics Partner Leader for Advisory Services, EY

Can women give Asian businesses an advantage on the global stage?
Steven Phan, Asia-Pacific Area Managing Partner, EY

Be the one to define your own career moments
Karen Hochrein, Global Assurance Talent Leader, EY

Empower the girl through education
Christoph Ehrhardt, Partner, Global TAS Sector Leader Real Estate, EY

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