Diversity & HCL - A living philosophy

HCL views Diversity as a 'Differentiator' - which is representative of diversity in beliefs, behaviours, and skills within the organization. HCL's workforce represents the culmination of 140+ nationalities coming from many of the countries HCL does business in – where all work together to build a culture that respects inclusion.

HCL's Diversity and Inclusion strategy focuses on:

These 3 strategies work in tandem to ensure a unified experience in promoting gender diversity, cultural diversity, and inclusivity across the enterprise.

With the aim of enabling strong career development for women, HCL has launched focused programs for its mid-level women managers to pace up their growth to leadership positions. Similarly, there are programs for senior women managers which focus on their career progression into their aspired role. Key learning elements include one to one mentoring / coaching by senior leaders, peer coaching for domain and technical skill enhancement, blended learning in the form of videos, and case studies and webinars from globally acclaimed learning partners which are integrated into the program. The program has also been recognized by Brandon Hall as 'Best Advance in Women Leadership Development' - Gold Award, 2017 and 'Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy' – Silver Award, 2018.

Programs have been launched for mid-level women leaders with an objective to mentor them for their 'next level roles' to create a ready pool of talent for existing open positions within the organization. Another unique offering is a program that focuses on 'upward conversations' which encompasses a structured space, time, and content for an engaging interaction between the employee and her Reporting / Skip level Manager. There is an exclusive program for senior women hires who join HCL to enable them to settle into the ecosystem of the organization seamlessly, as well as specific metrics for the leadership to improve gender diversity at all levels.

The significance of diversity for HCL business and growth is evident from the high focus this derives from its leaders and employees alike. HCL believes that diversity will increasingly be a driving force of competitive businesses, now and into the foreseeable future.

Championing gender diversity in HCL

HCL believes that true diversity can be made a reality when all people come together as a collective unit and concentrate their efforts to make a difference. Today, HCL offices across the globe act as hubs for this very consciousness as HCLites work to achieve a balance that can lead to a better world through various Career Development and Networking & Advocacy Programs.

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