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International Women's Day

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Global International Women's Day Arts Initiative

Artist: Leslie Leong
Title: Woman of Power

Artist: Carol
Title: Dance

Artist: EPS Elisabeth Philips-Slavkoff
Title: Who are you ?

Artist: Marika
Title: We are Connected

Artist: Priya Anand Pariyani
Title: Mother

Artist: Joyce Polance
Title: Spill (60 x 72 inches)

Artist: Sarah James
Title: Not Another Russian Doll

Artist: Linda Anderson
Title: Eve, Original Mother Goddess

Artist: Derya Var
Title: flamenco dancer

Artist: Hoora Amin
Title: fluidity

Artist: Susan Cowan
Title: Artemis

Artist: Arantxa Muñoz
Title: Outside the Madrasa

Artist: Jessica McDermott
Title: From the series, 'Now That We're Grown-up' #1

Artist: Sba
Title: Chukra

Artist: erica gray
Title: SHE who loves

Artist: AmberJ
Title: Oprah

Artist: Phoebe
Title: Naima

Artist: Uma Balu
Title: Saraswati

Artist: Margaret Parker
Title: Nest

Artist: Georgie Watts
Title: Happy Knowledgeable Woman

Artist: Aliya
Title: Magnolia

Artist: Carolle Bertrand
Title: Transcend

Artist: Louisa Ennis-Thomas
Title: Elements of Comfort: Family Dinners

Artist: herStay
Title: herStay

Artist: Linda Okazaki
Title: Passion's Moment

Artist: Aliza
Title: Angels Among Us

Artist: Stacey
Title: Lullaby

Artist: Maia
Title: grey days

Artist: Maia
Title: oh..

Title: Abuela - Her Wisdom

Artist: Martha Hayden
Title: Self Portrait

Artist: Deborah Gower
Title: Forget-M- kNot

Artist: Joy Krauthammer
Title: HOPE

Artist: Trace
Title: Mystical Magic

Artist: Wendy Houser Blomseth
Title: Reflecting Natures: Mother Nature and Human Nature

Artist: Susan Farrell
Title: Amazonian Aunties

Artist: Nicki
Title: In My Aura

Artist: Pam Kleemann
Title: MarTiTis

Artist: Tracey
Title: Coming Out of Myself

Artist: jessie warren
Title: the chair

Artist: De Greer Yindimincarlie and Julie M Pickering
Title: Being Woman...A Women's Gathering 2011

Artist: Alexandra Florschutz, MA
Title: Divine Source - Fire

Title: Mother Nature

Artist: Maureen Flynn-Burhoe
Title: By a Lady

Artist: Julya
Title: Journey to Womanhood

Artist: LaDan Abosein
Title: Ghajar Persian Dancer

Artist: Danijela Vitasovich
Title: Girlish Charm & Obligation

Artist: Harinansha
Title: My freedom

Artist: Photographer
Title: FROM THE RED TO THE SILVER film photo

Artist: Rumana
Title: Weeping Serbian Woman

Artist: Christine Maudy
Title: La Maman et la Putain/The Mother and the Whore

Artist: Catherine Cartwright and Nicci Wonnacott
Title: What about the Women - Watch the Winds of Change

Artist: Diane
Title: German Market Stained Glass Photography

Artist: Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
Title: "She was not made out of his head to surpass him, nor from his feet to be trampled on, but from his side to be equal to him, and near his heart to be dear to him." [Jamieson-Fausset Brown Bible Commentary]

Artist: Jacqueline
Title: Black Heart

Artist: Bronwyn Russell
Title: Breakthrough

Artist: Leonie Jackson
Title: A Prayer for the Ocean

Artist: Kay S Lawrence
Title: Domestic Bliss (Do you find washing glamorous?)

Artist: Fiona Dent
Title: FGM 2010

Artist: Shaila Darr
Title: ChildWoman

Artist: Shreya Shinde
Title: Liberation And Celebration

Artist: Cindy Roddick-Smith
Title: Alluring Angel

Artist: greta znojemsky
Title: Unsewn Dress for a Woman

Artist: Rose
Title: Supressed Memory

Artist: Linelle Stepto
Title: American Beauty

Artist: ann hounslow
Title: a connection

Artist: Tulsi Gramodyog Seva Samiti
Title: International Women's Day 2010 @ tulsigramodyog.org

Artist: Katy Pullara
Title: Magdalena

Artist: Katie Siller
Title: Rose Bleed

Artist: Photo by Cynthia Hammond
Title: The Suffragettes' Tree

Artist: Susan Baquie
Title: My mother

Artist: Sally Annett
Title: Spring at Lillingston Lovell

Artist: Deborah Gower
Title: Gentle and wise - feminine mystique sounds across centuries of time

Artist: Kali
Title: birthing dark light

Artist: Harland_Girl
Title: Swirl Gutiar

Artist: Rachelle Scott
Title: Amour de Mere

Artist: Nahid Rokhsana
Title: Delighted woman

Artist: erica

Artist: Hele Ellis
Title: fleming

Artist: Maria Paterson
Title: Tissue girl

Artist: anna nordstrom
Title: communication

Artist: Anonymous
Title: orchid pink

Artist: Claudia
Title: Woman; Defined

Artist: Anonymous
Title: my art - my own portrait in MONTE-CARLO, MONACO- un present for the Prince Albert II Polignac from MONACO 2011

Artist: L. V. Fonua
Title: Tekiteki

Artist: Wright & Teague
Title: Nuba collection

Artist: Mehzabin Ahmed, Simi
Title: Gender Balance

Artist: Mehzabin Ahmed, Simi
Title: Peace be with You

Artist: Nancy Cuttle
Title: Breaching the Dogma

Artist: Tafadzwa Mukwashi
Title: Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Artist: Karyn Fendley
Title: "Angourie She-Oak"

Artist: Patricia
Title: Alysia snowboarding

Artist: Litsa Papalexiou
Title: Seated woman

Artist: Litsa Papalexiou
Title: Archaic Smile

Artist: Heather
Title: Sophia Rises

Artist: Jenny Panda

Artist: Rachelle Scott
Title: Regard de l'Ame

Artist: Ruha
Title: 'Matala' (Bloom)

Artist: Christina Karchevskaya
Title: Pure

Artist: Kim Lee Kho
Title: Boxed In #13 (Looking Back)

Artist: Emma.
Title: Untitled.

Artist: Serena Kovalosky
Title: Forest Pod

Artist: Andra Alexander
Title: Visible

Artist: Francesca Camilleri
Title: Echo

Artist: LOGO

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Women in Circle

Artist: clarecampbell
Title: Iconic Women by Clare Campbell

Artist: Religiousart1
Title: Hearing the Voice of the Lord!

Artist: Ahmad, Bishara, Ghanem, Habjouqa, Salman
Title: We are from here

Artist: Anonymous
Title: woman on egyption Revolution

Artist: Anonymous
Title: woman on egyption Revolution

Artist: Pamela Davidoff
Title: Audi Nos

Artist: Anonymous

Artist: Karin
Title: Nestlings

Artist: Kathy
Title: Possibilities

Artist: TOX
Title: No mas mujeres sin identidad

Artist: Sarena Kirk
Title: Celebrating Women Helping Women

Artist: Anonymous
Title: IWD 2013

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Sor Juana and the Chambered Nautilus

Artist: Kyla Dawson
Title: Sistahs Uplifting Sistahs

Artist: JammiArt
Title: Butterfly

Artist: Jawahir
Title: Maternal Mortality

Artist: Montanna
Title: Precious

Artist: Wendy Cook
Title: Journey

Artist: Awbs
Title: Modern Day Military Quandary

Artist: LaDan
Title: The Geishas

Artist: Rosie Nanyuma
Title: Laka

Artist: Amber King
Title: Amber's Painting

Artist: All
Title: China's Mothers and Daughters

Artist: Dion
Title: Chained Future

Artist: Dion Layton Nelson
Title: Peeking

Artist: Dion Layton Nelson
Title: One

Artist: JammiArt
Title: Metta

Artist: survivor
Title: Healing

Artist: Ina
Title: Self-Portrait as the Perfect Housewife

Artist: Anonymous
Title: An Angel

Artist: Ina Mar
Title: Mi pasado y otras mentiras

Artist: Susan K Nelson
Title: census/consensus

Artist: Leni Kae
Title: I Am Woman, So Am I

Artist: Leni
Title: When Beauty Blooms

Artist: Joy Krauthammer
Title: Miriyahm and the Women Dancing With Timbrels by Joy Krauthammer

Artist: Leni Kae
Title: Fly to My Arms, My Love

Artist: Leslie
Title: Stitched Up

Artist: Anonymous
Title: an image from 'Dar Pa Dar'

Artist: Katiushka

Artist: Pampi
Title: Queen of MohenjoD - part of "Pop Fertility Goddess Series"

Artist: Pampi
Title: Yama-Yami (half-female half-male deity) : re-interpreting gendered temple stories in dance

Artist: Pampi
Title: Devi Composites

Artist: Nancy
Title: Cklara

Artist: Ina Mar
Title: Walking Differently but Dreaming Alike

Artist: Monique Lester
Title: Honesty

Artist: Ann Charlesworth
Title: 'Hybrid'

Artist: Litsa Papalexiou
Title: Dream

Artist: Litsa Papalexiou
Title: Ocean

Artist: greetje
Title: without title

Artist: Roxanne Werter
Title: The World

Artist: Aliza
Title: Dancing Dove

Artist: Anonymous
Title: watergirl

Artist: Andria
Title: UR Woman!

Artist: Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD
Title: Vision Board Created for 2012 Intl Women's Day

Artist: Linda
Title: I Am a Full Woman

Artist: FHDO.Bangladesh
Title: International Women’s day

Artist: Yesmin Jahan Nupur
Title: A Blue Flower

Artist: Afroja Jamil Konka
Title: Acid

Artist: Bipasha Hayat
Title: Ai bosonto dine

Artist: Karishma Sujan
Title: The Miracle Of Henna

Artist: Australian Vine Psychic
Title: Vine's Spiritual Energy Art - Mandala

Artist: Little Lady Studio
Title: Voice Of Masaai

Artist: Jenny
Title: The Jamaican ackee salad plate

Artist: Alexandra
Title: Gaining Momentum

Artist: Lauren
Title: I Object to Objectification

Artist: Lauren Anatolia
Title: Love the Line

Artist: Aliza
Title: Pure Grace

Artist: B.WAIPUKA art
Title: Mana Wahine - Cameo Black

Title: keeping well to keep on juggling

Artist: Fleur
Title: Feminine/Sex Issues

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Women working hard to provide water for their families

Artist: Joanne
Title: Birthing Snakes

Artist: Joanne
Title: Birthing Earth

Artist: Alex
Title: Divine Source by Alex Florschutz

Artist: Georgie Watts AKA Wattsington
Title: Aint Gonna Shutup

Artist: Susan Banks
Title: Persephone [Timanfaya]

Artist: Susan Greene
Title: International Women's Day

Artist: Joy Krauthammer
Title: Heart of a Woman

Artist: MyLoan
Title: Mother's Milk

Artist: Aster V. Delgado
Title: One Billion Rising

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Love is everywhere

Artist: Samia
Title: Fist

Artist: Innocence
Title: Innocence

Artist: Holly
Title: Miss Ruby Paper Dolls

Artist: Mreeuh Chang
Title: Thinking About Thinking

Artist: Daniela
Title: Teodora

Artist: Monique
Title: Joy

Artist: Linda Maxwell
Title: Compassion Resound

Artist: Zainab
Title: Dreaming Punjaban

Artist: Zainab
Title: Portrait of Noor Inayat Khan

Artist: Collaborative
Title: Here is a spectacular piece of work and IDAIA would love to get your feedback on: the Warakurna Women collaborative painting.

Artist: VeraCruz
Title: Dentro Mi Mente

Artist: VeraCruz
Title: Mujer Aperta

Artist: Vicki Topaz
Title: SILVER: A State of Mind

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Reach out and Connect.

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Straight Spouse Encouragement

Artist: Flavia Testa
Title: Brain Beauty & Heart

Artist: Anonymous
Title: First Female Students admitted 1900

Artist: Jette
Title: RISE

Artist: Yen Chua
Title: Prelude, 2013

Artist: Manal Abdallah
Title: Um Odeh

Artist: Kinsey Whearty
Title: My Definition: More Than My Circumstances

Artist: Agnieszka
Title: back...

Artist: Hui Ling Lee
Title: Subterranea #12

Artist: Kaylee Miller Henry
Title: Be Free

Artist: Nithya
Title: I am what I am!!!

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Naari ka man

Artist: Hui Ling Lee
Title: Subterranea #8

Artist: Hui Ling Lee
Title: Subterranea #9

Artist: Lisa
Title: One step forward and several back

Artist: Keyla
Title: We want rights, not flowers!

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Color Block Woman

Artist: Hatti
Title: 'My Blu'

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Running Horse

Artist: Peter Samuels
Title: Anne Vawter & Paradigm

Artist: Anonymous
Title: International Women's Day

Artist: TOF
Title: Threads of Our Fabric Project and Role Model Magazine (Ohio)

Artist: Michelle-Alexandra Brown
Title: Girls

Artist: Michelle-Alexandra Brown
Title: Girl Power

Artist: Lori
Title: Family

Artist: Anonymous
Title: Walking Away - Client Artwork

Artist: Jette
Title: Step Up

Artist: The Red Saddle by Susan M L Moore
Title: The Red Saddle

Artist: Shiloh by Susan Moore Generations
Title: Shiloh

Artist: Shiloh by Susan Moore Generations
Title: Shiloh

Artist: Anonymous
Title: The World Bank Sydney and Timor Offices

Artist: Members of Sisters Quilting Collective (SQC)
Title: A Stitch in Time: The Past, Present and Future:Highlighting African-American Quilters and Quilts

Artist: Fiya
Title: Profudinzando nuestro ser mujer

Artist: Vera Holschneider
Title: From a Very Special Woman Passed on to Me

Artist: Anurag Pandey
Title: Free women health checkup camp : International Women Day 2013

Artist: Dr
Title: Lead the world- Exotica

Artist: AfricanFrames
Title: #Confidence is Beautiful

Artist: Lucy
Title: Handcrafts

Artist: Anonymous
Title: I am woman

Artist: ohallorangg
Title: Remember the Ladies

Artist: Nneka Atto
Title: critic

Artist: Judy
Title: Two Tears for the Joy and Sorrow of Living Life

Artist: Ari
Title: Playing My Heart Strings

Artist: Ilania
Title: We are Women

Artist: Agnes Mgongo
Title: Agnes Mgongo - Women Make It Happen

Artist: Anonymous
Title: #RockUrStuff!

Artist: Vanessa Keeash
Title: Winter in Canada

Artist: Vanessa Keeash
Title: embarrased

These artworks are subject to copyright and should not be reproduced without prior written permission from the artist.

The Arts connect us all - anywhere, anytime

The Global IWD Women's Arts Initiative celebrates the collective creative ability of women. 2011 saw 100 years since the first International Women's Day was held so to mark this special Centenary the '100 Women, 100 Artworks' and '100 Women, 100 Stories' initiative was launched.

All the artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, sketches, collages ...) and stories have been created by diverse women from around the world to inspire, challenge, entertain and provoke thought from a gender angle.

The impressive artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. The stories are of celebration, hurt, triumph, shock, humour, anger, remembrance and question. Enjoy !

To contribute to the Global IWD Women's Arts Initiative, click here.


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