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International Women's Day

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Painting of Janis Joplin by Judy Joy Jones

"Blood is Life Until Given, then Its Love!" 

                                   by Judy Joy Jones

I began painting from the confines of a hospital bed at the age of 31 for the first time in my life after a near death experience.  I had never painted before.  From the second my brushes touched the canvas, I knew my only purpose for being alive was to share my brief moment in time with all on earth through the gifts on loan to me...painting, sculpting, writing, music and humanitarian efforts. 

Only too quickly,  I learned that women painters were  'on the back of the bus' and the average person on this planet could only name one female artist if that many, living or deceased..There have been milions and unfortunately their artworks were often signed by a male or discarded as not valuable since after all a mere female had painted it.  Being born female meant 'unworthy'  in the public's eyes and achieving international recognition with their creative genius remained an unobtainable dream. Yet it was taken for granted males would achieve fame.

The names of female painters were not allowed in college textbooks as late as the 1990's and female composers of opera are non-existent as are female sculptors and conductors of orchestra's.  Why?  As absurd as it sounds, the answer is crystal clear.  We were born with vaginas, meaning we were simply not capable of doing art.

I often think of Afro-Americans struggling to claim a seat at the front of the bus..How many centuries went by as they silently watched, patiently waiting while others were ushered to the front because of their skin color until oneday, it was time!!!   IT WAS TIME!

It is time for women artists all over the globe to rise up and claim their places in the book of life, allowing even more of their genius to explode.

I think of Hypathia, the smartest women to have graced earth and of her ultimate demise..She was brilliant in all the fields of sciences, arts and music and had a large following of young people that gathered around listening to her lecture in the town square.  Ceril, a male monk became very jealous of Hypathia and ordered a mob of villagers to stone her to death, flay the skin from her bones with abalone shells and burn her body. 

Ceril was made into a saint.  And Hypathia, well her fame has just begun..Other planets will be named after Hypathia; smartest woman to have graced earth...

 Classical Composer Gustav Mahler wrote a letter to his future wife Alma Schindler requesting she abandon her own composing :

"How do you imagine both wife and husband as composers? Do you have any idea how ridiculous and subsequently how much such an idiosyncratic rivalry must end up dragging us both down? How will it be if you happen to be just "in the mood" but have to look after the house for me, or get me something I happen to need, if you are to look after the trivialities of life for me? - Does this mean for you breaking off your own life, and do you think you will have to do without a high point of being which you cannot live without, if you entirely give up your music in order to possess - and also to be - my own?"

In response to Mahler's letter, Alma Schindler commented in her diary:

"He thinks nothing at all of my art - and thinks a great deal of his own - and I think nothing of his art and a great deal of my own. That's how it is! Now he constantly talks of preserving his art. I can't do that."

Alma's parents convinced her to give up her own composing and to instead live for Gustav Mahler's brilliant compositions.

When people tell me I brag too much, my reply is; 'Yes and the Women that didn't promote their own works of Art have Anonymous as their name'.......Judy Joy Jones c 2006

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