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International Women's Day

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Global International Women's Day Arts Initiative

Title: Mighty Girl Art
Author: Anonymous

Title: Her story: The power of one
Author: Jill Brown

Title: Practical ways i became a more confident woman
Author: Confident

Title: Down memory lane-journey of a pro-feminist
Author: Wanjala Wafula- Programs Director Coexist initiave

Title: Through Hardships of Life
Author: Dimakatso

Title: DE Revolution
Author: Carlette Groome

Title: Dearest Jennifer
Author: Jennifer Hill

Title: We all have a hand in this story


Title: From the Literature for Life Publication " Holla" An Anthology of Womenz Wordz
Author: Rootz Kizzy

Author: Dr. Charles Margerison

Title: Survivor
Author: Survivor

Title: Go Get A Husband told to a female entrepreneur in 2002 in Canada
Author: Lana Larder

Title: Nadine's Story – I am focused on my education and I can live up to my full potential
Author: Nadine - Aged 16

Title: Sophie’s Story – I am healthy and I can do anything I try to do.
Author: Sophie - Aged 12

Title: Gemma’s Story – I am a loyal friend and I can teach young women how to stand up for themselves
Author: Gemma - Aged 13

Title: Renee’s Story – I am independent and I can listen and support my friends
Author: Renee - Aged 11

Title: Ubah’s Story – I can be a positive role model and I am ready to take on new challenges
Author: Ubah - Aged 18

Title: Tulia’s Story – I am strong, smart and bold because I am a leader and I can express myself to the world
Author: Tulia - Aged 10

Title: Tricia’s Story – I am different
Author: Tricia

Title: Laura’s Story – I can teach the world something
Author: Laura

Title: Michelle’s Story – I am confident in my skills and talents
Author: Michelle

Title: Hoa’s Story – I am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and I can do anything I try to do
Author: Hoa

Title: From Paris, Texas to Somerville, Mass, There Comes a Moment
Author: Pampi

Title: peace wedged between mascara-crusted eyes
Author: Pampi

Title: Didu (Grandmother)
Author: Pampi


Title: Memories Live on Forever
Author: marymac

Title: Paralympic Women I'll never forget
Author: N Dannenberg, International Paralympic Committee

Title: My Story
Author: Sushma Sharma

Title: A Month of Firsts
Author: Monique Lester

Title: Married Life
Author: Anonymous

Title: These hands of a woman
Author: Rhoda

Title: A woman artist
Author: greetje van den akker

Title: Education for Me
Author: Alicia Vazquez

Title: Making of my bouquet
Author: frozen angel

Title: Ma
Author: Shreya

Title: Dear woman. Today is your day.
Author: Kat Tate

Title: A girl in a new town....
Author: M. Choudhury

Title: Reclaim the Streets
Author: LW2012

Title: Family harmony
Author: Denison39

Title: Passion
Author: Anonymous

Title: A Coming Of Age Story called "The Three Wise Women Of Bethlehem"
Author: PM Dacre/MA Foohs

Title: The plague that is S**ual Violence--By Wanjala Wafula
Author: By Wanjala Wafula

Title: Riding a Motorcycle Japanese Style
Author: Vicki Gray

Title: W O M B
Author: Pampi

Title: Virago
Author: Pampi

Title: In honor of Malala, Gul Makai, the Afghan Buddhas, my grand and great grandmothers
Author: Pampi

Title: Letter to a Prisoner with Black and Pink
Author: Pampi

Title: How do we get fathers to respect their daughters?
Author: Pampi

Title: Drunk on dhak
Author: Pampi

Title: My Retirement Challenge
Author: Ann Saxton

Title: Bicarbonate of Soda
Author: Sarah

Title: My Knight in Shining Armour

Title: Finally getting into the cockpit
Author: Nina Anderson, ATP

Title: First Woman Taxi Driver in Fes, Morocco
Author: Vanessa Bonnin

Title: A Slice Of Life
Author: Aunt Pamper

Title: Reminiscences of a rewarding career
Author: Uma Balu

Title: My story
Author: Shaila

Title: A mother of six daughters shine at last at 90+
Author: Prof. Monira Hossin

More women's stories coming soon

International Women's Day - Women's Stories International Women's Day - Women's Art

The Arts connect us all - anywhere, anytime

The Global IWD Women's Arts Initiative celebrates the collective creative ability of women. 2011 saw 100 years since the first International Women's Day was held so to mark this special Centenary the '100 Women, 100 Artworks' and '100 Women, 100 Stories' initiative was launched.

All the artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, sketches, collages ...) and stories have been created by diverse women from around the world to inspire, challenge, entertain and provoke thought from a gender angle.

The impressive artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. The stories are of celebration, hurt, triumph, shock, humour, anger, remembrance and question. Enjoy !

To contribute to the ongoing Global IWD Women's Arts Initiative, click here.


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